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There are many benefits to using CLARINO, which makes it one of the world's most popular synthetic leathers.

Stronger and lighter than real leather

Thanks to many innovative technological achievements, CLARINO manages to be both lightweight and inherently strong, sharing the same tensile strength as genuine leather. However, CLARINO is three times stronger than real leather, requiring only a third of real leather's weight to achieve equal tear strength.

Comfortable and Breathable

Like leather, CLARINO lets your body feel naturally at ease; it is dense yet microporous, allowing water vapor and heat to pass through. And because CLARINO is a breathable material, heat is dissipated in warm weather and retained in cold weather.

For suede material, the nylon composition gives CLARINO the same permeability-to-air and moisture found on high quality leathers. 

More durable and consistent over real leather

CLARINO resists abrasion better than real leather.

This thoroughly tough yet supple material is tremendously resistant to tearing, will not dry out or become brittle, and does not wear down even after many years of use.

Easy to care for

CLARINO/AMARETTA can be washed either by hand or with a machine. Light rain has no effect and will not leave water spots.

For more details on care, please see our maintenance page

Excellent versatility, many colors

CLARINO comes in dozens of colors and can be used in an incredible variety of ways: from supple and refined, to waterproof, to anti-bacterial use... the applications are nearly limitless!



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