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New Design Possibilities
CLARINO materials can add texture and a luxurious feel to plastic and metal parts.
Application Examples

Decorative Applications

Material Examples
Leather type
Bass   Cube   Rice Field   Crag   River
Suede type
Plain   Round Honeycomb Emboss   Leopard Emboss   Dot Emboss
Suede type with special finishing
Leopard Print   Digital Camo Print   Perforation
How to Apply CLARINO

Bond with double-sided tape.

Insert molding

Pre-form CLARINO before molding   Place CLARINO on mold   Injection molding   Remove
  • CLARINO has a similar structure to natural leather. It is available as a suede type or grain type.
  • CLARINO has excellent dimensional stability. It is easier to mold than other textiles or genuine leather, and precision cutting is possible.
  • It can be used for a wide range of products such as accessories and electronic devices since CLARINO can be very thin while maintaining the appearance and feel similar to genuine leather.
  • The very flexible moldability of CLARINO means it is suitable for three dimensional shapes achieved using a molding process such as insert molding or heat pressing.
  • It can be used on devices such as smartphones or cameras since it is a highly durable and reliable quality.


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